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Luxembourg Company Number

An Luxembourg Company Number is a unique number issued by the Trade and Companies Register in Luxembourg (Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés (RCS) to every company registered. All companies incorporated in Luxembourg must be registered with the Trade Register.

How to apply

Company formation in Luxembourg is very straightforward for national and foreign investors. The process is very simple once you have all the required documents. You need to submit an Articles of Association to the register. The fees of the RCS are available online.

Type of Companies

There are 4 different types of businesses that can be registered:

  • Limited Liability Company (Luxembourg Societee a Responsabilite Limitee - SARL): One of the most popular type chosen by a lot of foreign investors who want to set up a company in Luxembourg is the limited liability company. A maximum of 40 shareholders can establish a SARL in Luxembourg if the minimum share capital is 12,400 EUR.
  • Joint Stock Company (Luxembourg Societe Anonyme - SA) : There should be atleast 2 members to form a joint stock company. The initial capital must least be 31,000 EUR. This capital is divided into shares.
  • General Partnership : A general partnership is formed by minimum of 2 partners to join. General partnerships in Luxembourg are known as either SocieteCivile or Societe en Nom Collectif.
  • Limited Partnership : Just like a general partnership, a limited partnership is created by 2 partners on the basis of a signed agreement. Atleast One partner has to be fully liable for the company’s obligations and one must have limited liability to the extent of the initial contribution.

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